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Interested in learning to play old time music?

Beth and Woody teach private lessons in old-time banjo and fiddle out of
their central New Hampshire home. They are available for workshops at
festivals and events on old-time music and oldtime banjo. This winter, Woody
instructed a very successful oldtime banjo workshop at 2008 Joe Val
Bluegrass Festival.

Beth has been playing southern oldtime fiddle since the late 70's when she
studied with Allan Block. She also studied over the years at Ashokan music
camps with Judy Hyman and won many oldtime New England fiddlers contest.

Woody's  old-time  musical influences include Fred Cockerham, Tommy
Jarrell, Skillet Lickers, and the "Georgia " Vt old time musicians, Ahmet,
Jim Burns, and all-the-rest, and music from West Virginia, and Kentucky.
Woody has had the opportunity to study with Dwight Diller, Sheila Kay Adams,
John Herman, Carl Jones, John Morris, Beverly Woods, and many other patient instructors
at a variety of music camps. He has been teaching oldtime banjo since 1987,
and works part-time as a business & technology professor and corporate
trainer in NH and VT.

Contact us to sign up for lessons or a workshop at your event.

 Bradford Bog People ~ PO Box 27 Bradford, New Hampshire 03221 ~ (603) 938-5742 ~ E-mail